7LandHand Extra: Episode 91 – Amonkhet Out of Egypt

Amonkhet is almost upon us like a forty-foot high desert storm of MTG cards, Egyptian Princesses and rampaging camels. We bust our final Aether Revolt booster – and someone wins it plus a Masterpiece Chrome Mox – we review the AKH spoilt cards, play a unique MTG card quiz, flavour text, hot garbage, the muse pops by with premonitions and…oh my…inspired by the video broadcast of this recording, an original 7LandHand, listener song Easter egg.

So much khet, it’ll get you whet.

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Thank you from the deepest sub-stories of our finest pyramid to Paul Butcher.

Next episode: 7LandHand: Unfair
Next release date: 1st May 2017.

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