7LandHand Extra: Episode 77 – Belly of the Beast (RPG)

belly-of-the-beast-square-2Start sorting out sentences alliteration fans, it’s Belly the Beast. No niggling nixies, gone are the giggling goblins – society and everything with it has been gobbled up by a vast creature. What should we do? Well before role playing our way out of the situation, we’re going to dial up the game’s designer, Ben Dutter, for a chat. Come to grips with the next RPG you need to er…digest.

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Next Episode: 7LandHand: Mansions of Madness 2nd Ed.
Next release date: 31st October 2016…yeah, we’re pretty happy that lands on Halloween.


7LandHand: Episode 76 – Beyond Baker Street

beyond-baker-street-squareMycroft, Yourcroft, His and Her croft, we love our Scottish farms. However, now we’ve done research, episode #76 is all about Sherlock Holmes and ‘Beyond Baker St.’ For example, Baker Street is not a place to deduct one’s pastry requirements – it’s a place Z-Man has gone beyond to bring you this themed up game of team communication. Matt’s Quiz occurs, we announce last month’s winner of Codenames, and talk about what’s on the geeky radar for this month (Oct 2016).


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Next Episode: 7LandHand Extra: Belly of the Beast.
Next release date: 17th October 2016.


7LandHand Extra: Episode 75 – Kaladesh Pre-Release

kaladesh-squareThe boys are back in town! From Manchester, to New York, to Lynwood – finally, the MTG crew is all in one place and blowing each other’s minds within minutes of starting this episode. There’s more Kaladesh riffing than an aetherpunk acoustic market band, MTG card Quiz, Flavour Text, Hot Garbage, and everything you need to know to get your head into the wrong place for this weekend’s KLD pre-release…BOOM!

Stay tuned after the outro for a world first ‘Dustermond’ bust-a-booster…delivered in German.

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Next Episode: 7LandHand: Beyond Baker street.
Next release date: 3rd October 2016.

7LandHand: Episode 74 – Codenames

Codenames square2Do you know what Naomi Watts, Pierce Brosnan, Rodney Dangerfield, Lucy Liu, David Carusso, and the Pantene lady have in common?

We suspect the answer is Vlaada Chvátil’s ‘Codenames’. This episode contains all of our reasoning, a review of the Spiel des Jahres winning board game, Matt’s quiz, and a chance to win the whole espionage-ridden lot.


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This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Listener.

Next Episode: 7LandHand Extra: Kaladesh Pre-Release.
Next release date: 19th September 2016.


7LandHand Extra: Episode 73 – GenCon 2016

GenCon 2016 SquareWhilst wandering around outside the pod, 7LandHand discovered Indianapolis, and it was full of GenCon 2016. In this episode, David and Jaime talk with Martin Klein (Spiel des Jahres), Eli Minaya (Angelarium) and Tom Cleaver (Valley of the Kings).
With Matt, we reflect on what is good in geekdom. Before looking forward to next week’s Codenames episode.


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Next Episode: 7LandHand: Codenames.
Next release date: 29th August 2016.