7LandHand: Episode 63 – Blood Bowl: Team Manager

Blood Bowl TM SquareJay Little, designer of Blood Bowl: Team Manager and X-Wing, joins 7LandHand to talk about all things in games design. It’s a fascinating chat with a guy who is passionate about the art of games design and has survived the heart attack to prove it. In addition to this, we review Blood Bowl: Team Manager, play Matt’s quiz, and announce the winner of last month’s game: Splendor.

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Next Episode: 7LandHand: Shadow over Innistrad.
Next release date: 14th March 2016.

7LandHand: Episode 62 – Noah Bradley

Noah-Bradley_SquareIt’s Noah Bradley Day!

Take a look at one of his Magic cards and notice the beautiful stuff up the top and the name on the bottom left – Noah Bradley is responsible for the awe that follows. He joins Maddison Jones on this episode to discuss the MTG artist community, persevering with your creative goals and talking about what turns his artistic gears.

Super great guy – super great chat!

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