7LandHand Extra: Episode 100 – HOU Dare You

It’s our 100th show!! We’re down a Kai, but up a Keayn with his resourceful return. Dr HOU fans rejoice! We respond to your questions, get a whole bunch of retro boosters busted, Travis is back from WotC R&D with a card (see below) that missed the HOU cut, MTG card quiz (it’s a real quiz), Flavour Text, talk GoT for way too long, Neets and Twooze…boom, boom, boom…even an easter egg.
Do rot do rot doooooooo!!!

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Next episode: 7LandHand: Tokaido.
Next release date: 28th August 2017.

7LandHand: Episode 11 – Dominion & JOU Pre-Release

dominion_squareIt’s not a CCG, LCG, CG or even a boardgame…it’s Dominion! These are all things that it’s not, for things that it is, tune in to this episode. We also reflect on the Journey Into Nyx pre-release weekend with R&D MTG card guru, Travis.


Guest 7Landers: Tom Hutchinson & Travis.

Next Episode: 7LandHand Extra: Journey Into Nyx week One.
Next release date: 12th May 2014

7LandHand: Episode 7 – Trains

TrainsThis week, Aaron is at the Melbourne MTG GrandPrix. The podcast is all about Ticket to Ride, we follow up with the 7LandHand competition, and talk tweets from celebrity gamers.

Guest 7Landers: Matt McKail & Travis.

Next Episode: 7LandHand Extra: BNG Week One.
Next release date: 17th March 2014

7LandHand Extra: Episode 4 – BNG Spoilers

Eater of hope SquareLike a spotty teenager in the bathroom, we try to cover as many spoilers as we can and ponder why they appeared in the first place.  We also play flavour text, give an intro to drafting, test Aaron’s infinite knowledge in the MTG Card Quiz, Travis pops in with a new card and a listener (is it you?) wins something.

Guest 7Landers: Nathan Curnow & Travis.

Next Episode: 7LandHand: Traitors.
Next release date: 3rd February 2014.

7LandHand Extra: Episode 2 – Magic

Magic Square7LandHand Extra is the foil version of the podcast.  It’s the Mythically Rare version of the usual format – only, we discuss Magic the Gathering.  Each month, inbetween the usual 7LandHand show, we’ll do a 7LandHand Extra on Magic.

Guest 7Lander: Sam Mavrantonis & Travis

In today’s episode, we aim to introduce new players to the game by reflecting on how we got in to Magic.  Local Rookie Champion, Sam, joins us to discuss just how fast you can pick up the game and start chiseling your way towards a PTQ victory.

New pod features: ‘Flavour Text’ and an ‘MTG Quiz’.

Next Episode: 7LandHand: Space.
Next release date: 6th January 2014.

7LandHand: Episode 0 – The Pilot

7landhand podcast logoIt’s here…but not properly, yet.
It’s the pilot.

Guest 7Lander: Travis

Today’s episode is all about making sure things work. Everything from the mics to getting the bloody thing on iTunes.
They say not to publish the pilot. It’s something that should be done, but remain private; like that vomit wot you done at the high school party…the one where your crush was in the other room and despite being drunk, you were still hoping to impress her.

Well we’re vomitting in public because we thought it would be funny…yeah, no class at all.
Have I taken the vomit analogy far enough?

…beyond that point, hey.

Next Episode: Zombies.
Next release date: 7th December, and then on a monthly basis.