7LandHand: Episode 105 – Lovecraft Letter

You have a cousin in Egypt, and they’re in trouble…sound like Love Letter to you? Of course, it does. Lovecraft Letter reinvents Seiji Kanai’s card deduction classic, and with a new spin, changes the dynamics of this short-game favourite forever. Matt gives us a love letter inspired quiz, and there’s Jaime’s Top Ten. Plus, discount passwords, and the winner of Unearth.

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Next release date: 3rd November 2017.

7LandHand: Episode 90 – Arkham Horror The Card Game

In a recent survey of Arkham residents, ‘Cultist’ was listed as the most common occupation; second only to retail.
Thankfully H.P.Lovecraft wrote very little about cashiers. What he did write, inspired Fantasy Flight to make a living card game. In this episode, the guys discuss their findings after a month of playing, ‘Arkham Horror The Card Game.’ There are Neets and Twooze, a winner of our Burgle Bros. giveaway, and a password for Arkham Horror The Card Game. Thanks to Danul of ‘Both World’s School of Music’ for the fabulous pod-blob for Matt’s Quiz.

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7LandHand: Episode 78 – Mansions of Madness 2nd Ed.

mansions-of-madness-squareGrab your common items, and let’s go beyond the village to look around that shunned house. It’s Mansions of Madness 2, the reimaginning of the original game, but now you can bring your tablets with you. Despite the medication, we breakdown as we break down the game, Matt does a quiz, there’s a winner for last month’s Beyond Baker Street, and we give you the password for 10% of this month’s game.

I’d wander deep into the heart of a sinister old house for that…

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7LandHand: Episode 71 – Cthulhu Realms

Cthulhu_Realms_SquareJoin the lads in the pod for totally inaccurate information on Infinity Figures from David. Totally accurate E3 information and opinion from friend of the podcast, Justin Edwards. Geek updates on Quantum Break, before a review of Cthulhu Realms, and Darwin Kastle drops in for a fabulous chat about his career from mild mannered MTG player, to MTG Hall of Famer, to White Wizard game designer. Matt does a Matt’s quiz – and still doesn’t win. Neets and Twooze reveals this month’s winner of our giveaway: Dice City.
Ultimately, the temperature drops in the pod and the podders freeze to a halt.

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Next Episode: Colt Express. (No 7LandHand Extra in July due to our commitments at GenCon).
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7LandHand Extra: Episode 64 – Shadow Over Innistrad

Shadows_SquareA classic portrayal of Magic the Gathering based banter. That is exactly what is enclosed. However, everytime we suspect it’s a quality show…we usually receive complaints. Form an orderly queue right after listening to Shadow over Innistrad spoilers, MTG card quiz, Flavour Text, Hot Garbage and a little bit of ‘Aaron Graham’s…premonitions’.

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7LandHand: Episode 9 – Lovecraft

Lovecraft thumbIn this podcast we say words that come close to being a discussion on Arkham Horror, Aaron presents the Top Ten Lovecraft References in Modern Culture, we announce the 7LandHand

competition winner and reveal the details behind the forthcoming 7LandHand Super Series.


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Next release date: 14th April 2014