7LandHand Extra: Episode 100 – HOU Dare You

It’s our 100th show!! We’re down a Kai, but up a Keayn with his resourceful return. Dr HOU fans rejoice! We respond to your questions, get a whole bunch of retro boosters busted, Travis is back from WotC R&D with a card (see below) that missed the HOU cut, MTG card quiz (it’s a real quiz), Flavour Text, talk GoT for way too long, Neets and Twooze…boom, boom, boom…even an easter egg.
Do rot do rot doooooooo!!!

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7LandHand Extra: Episode 52 – Expeditions in Zendikar

Noahs_Land_SquareExpeditions into Zendikar have been happening for over a fortnight, and within that time there’s been a Sydney GP, a Star Wars trailer and a stupid Gran Turismo movie idea has been announced. At least two of these events, and some other stuff, are all discussed in today’s show. A booster is busted that provokes disagreement, MTG card quiz, hot garbage, flavour text and Aaron Graham’s premonitions are also here.
How does it all fit inside your pod dock?

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7LandHand Extra: Episode 48 -The Origins of BFZ

BFZ SquareAll your Origins/BFZ needs in one place. There’s also, MTG Card Quiz, Flavour Text, Hot Garbage and the sage-like premonitions of Aaron Graham…er, Premonitions. He was 100% correct last time y’know.

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7LandHand Extra: Episode 44 – Magic Origins

Origins SquareNo M16s here, this is a pod of peace, and to get to the core of this one, Keayn and Rob pop into the pod. It’s the last core set, Magic: Origins. The lads discuss what’s hot, what’s not, mechanics and how to approach your pre-release pack if you’re a new player. Oh, and we’re all sick…so, please excuse the phlegm.



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7LandHand Extra: Episode 40 – Modern Masters 2015

ModernMasters2015 squareThere are boosters full of old friends, familiar faces and feared foes coming our way…in recyclable packaging!  Modern Masters 2015 is storming the beaches with an Eldrazi force reminiscent of, well, the Eldrazi.  Keayn invents a new Chandra card and wishes it was real, we beg for your Facebook comments, and somebody wins an MTG card quiz.


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7LandHand Extra: Episode 35 – DTK Spoilers

DTK SquareThe Dragons have landed and most of them have grown feathers!?  To breathe fire into this exciting new set, Reilly, Keayn and Rob join David to declare their favourite cards, explain new mechanics, and ponder strange flavour.  Also, twooze from Grand Prix Auckland and neets from YOU.



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7LandHand Extra: Episode 31 – Kate’s been reforged!

Fate Reforged2 - squareIn a horrible pod-agenda mix-up, the royal pregnancy has become entangled with 7LandHand!  Seems impossible doesn’t it.  Fortunately, we have Reilly on hand to get to the bottom of all of the Fate Reforged fall-out.  Some Marvel/DC/Star Wars anger breaks out and a quiz or two occurs.



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7LandHand Extra: Episode 29 – Fate Reforged Spoilers

Fate Reforged SquareWe’ve been hammering away, in private, on this episode of 7LandHand.  We’ve reforged what was your destiny, and read through the spoilers of the next MTG set.  Ash pops by as we busta-booster, review the new mechanics, play flavour text and MTG Card quiz and present a new segment called, ‘Hot Garbage’.  2015 has arrived.


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Next release date: 19th January 2015.

7LandHand: Episode 28 – The Beer and Pizza Show Part Two

BeerandPizzaPod squareThis is the Monster Anniversary show – we filled the pod with pizza, beer, the people that have made 7LandHand what it is, and headed for a galaxy far, far way.

Part Two:
Sarah does a quiz, Scott Free’s Gaming Year in Review, The Meatdesk, Thabo cameos, Jess and Sarah draw the winners of the store Garruk displays and the show degrades into a Polukranos fuelled nonsense.

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Next release date: 5th January 2014.