7LandHand Extra: Episode 106 – GGMC Finalist Interviews

These are the GGMC (Good Games Magic Championship) 2017 finalist interviews. David and Aaron have a chat with each of the finalists after the dust settles on what was a super-exciting series of matches.

Thank you to Manny Lagmay, Wan Chin Lee, Jex Calder, Denby Adams, Marcus Peck, and Chris Sha for joining us in the ‘sound-proof’ booth.
…and a shout out to Amelia Wales who judged the entire event.


The games can be viewed here:
Semi-Final 1:
Semi-Final 2:
Grand Final:

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7LandHand: Episode 99 – Mr Jack

‘Mr Jack’ with Mr Cathala. Bruno Cathala is back to tell us about London in 1888 and the terror walking the streets known as, ‘Jack the Ripper.’
To this day the murderer is unknown, and here’s a game that puts you in the role of either the investigator or the fleeing Jack.
Then a ‘Matt’s Quiz’ theme tune happens, Neets and Twooze with the announcement of last month’s game winner, plus a whole bunch of geeky opinions.

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7LandHand: Episode 92 – Unfair

There’s a clown in the drain, but if you think that’s unfair, you haven’t played Joel Finch’s carnival classic, ‘Unfair.’ Joel pops in to the pod to explain why a Funfair is better without one of its ‘F’s’ (Spoiler Alert: It’s the first one). We listen to Matt’s quiz’s theme tune, talk week in geek, Neets and Twooze, somebody wins Arkham Horror the card game and, of course, we talk you through Good Games Publishing, and CMON’s ‘Unfair.’

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7LandHand: Episode 80 – Lotus and Lanterns

lotus-squarePut on your silken gowns and come for a walk with us through a serene garden. First we’ll nurture, then pick some flowers, before we stroll down to the palace lake to admire the Harvest Festival display.
In December, we have TWO games for you: Lotus, and Lanterns; both from Renegade Game Studio.
Christopher Chung joins us to talk about the creation of his game, Lanterns. We also do a Matt’s Quiz, announce the winner of Mansions of Madness 2nd ed. in Neets and Twooze, and talk geek.

It’s a double game festival, which means two games to win in December, and two games to get 10% off at your local Good Games Store – it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

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7LandHand Extra: Episode 77 – Belly of the Beast (RPG)

belly-of-the-beast-square-2Start sorting out sentences alliteration fans, it’s Belly the Beast. No niggling nixies, gone are the giggling goblins – society and everything with it has been gobbled up by a vast creature. What should we do? Well before role playing our way out of the situation, we’re going to dial up the game’s designer, Ben Dutter, for a chat. Come to grips with the next RPG you need to er…digest.

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7LandHand Extra: Episode 73 – GenCon 2016

GenCon 2016 SquareWhilst wandering around outside the pod, 7LandHand discovered Indianapolis, and it was full of GenCon 2016. In this episode, David and Jaime talk with Martin Klein (Spiel des Jahres), Eli Minaya (Angelarium) and Tom Cleaver (Valley of the Kings).
With Matt, we reflect on what is good in geekdom. Before looking forward to next week’s Codenames episode.


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7LandHand Extra: Episode 70 – Building a Gaming Community

CommunityBuildingSquareIn this 7LandHand Extra we’ve talked to people around the globe about their role in building a gaming community. The Invictus Stream, from Canada, talk to us about their streaming RPG exploits, before Matthew Lee, from the S.Australian Tabletop Gaming Society, chats about his online magazine, The Campaigner. Compelling discussion, lot’s of pro-tips and, finally, the answer to who smells the worst in the Invictus Stream.


Find the Invictus Stream on their YouTube Channel
…or on their FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheINVICTUSStream/

Find Matthew Lee’s online magazine at: http://thecampaignermagazine.com/

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7LandHand: Episode 65 – 7 Wonders Duel

7Wonders_Duel_SquareBruno Cathala joins the 7LandHand team to talk about how he became the prolific games designer that we know today. He gives us an ‘Abyss’ news scoop, yes – a 7LandHand SCOOP – he previews the games he has coming out this year and provides young designers with an a,b,c of how to get your game up to scratch.

We review ‘7 Wonders Duel’, announce last month’s winner of ‘Blood Bowl: Team Manager’, talk geek, play Matt’s quiz, and give you the chance to WIN Antoine Bauza & Bruno Cathala’s ‘7 Wonders Duel.’

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7LandHand: Episode 63 – Blood Bowl: Team Manager

Blood Bowl TM SquareJay Little, designer of Blood Bowl: Team Manager and X-Wing, joins 7LandHand to talk about all things in games design. It’s a fascinating chat with a guy who is passionate about the art of games design and has survived the heart attack to prove it. In addition to this, we review Blood Bowl: Team Manager, play Matt’s quiz, and announce the winner of last month’s game: Splendor.

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7LandHand: Episode 55 – Dead of Winter

DoW Square‘Welcome into our post-apocalyptic zombie infested colony, we’re all friends here…except that guy, he may be a traitor. And Bob’s been eating too many beans?’ …that’s what’s going on in Dead of Winter, Plaid Hat’s first Crossroad Series game. We also have crowd interviews from Gamesfest 2015, Matt’s Quiz and details on how you can WIN Dead of Winter from your local Good Games store!

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