7LandHand: Episode 90 – Arkham Horror The Card Game

In a recent survey of Arkham residents, ‘Cultist’ was listed as the most common occupation; second only to retail.
Thankfully H.P.Lovecraft wrote very little about cashiers. What he did write, inspired Fantasy Flight to make a living card game. In this episode, the guys discuss their findings after a month of playing, ‘Arkham Horror The Card Game.’ There are Neets and Twooze, a winner of our Burgle Bros. giveaway, and a password for Arkham Horror The Card Game. Thanks to Danul of ‘Both World’s School of Music’ for the fabulous pod-blob for Matt’s Quiz.

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Next episode: 7LandHand Extra: Amonkhet release
Next release date: 17th April 2017.

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