7LandHand Extra: Episode 86 – Slivering Telephones

Aaron’s back from Acapulco*, but Kai’s getting his fringe seen to. It’s a pod filled with Aether Revolt analysis and discussion. We busta-boosta, hear Aaron’s review of his envelope quiz, talk colour combos, banned cards, and Fatal Pushes.
All of this is bundled up with your 7LH staples like MTG card quiz (it’s a real quiz), Flavour Text, Hot Garbage and the muse drops by to tell us what lies in the future. We read your Neets and Twooze – listen out for your name to qualify for any of our ‘Hot  Gar-badge’ range.

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Next Episode: 7LandHand Extra: Thunderstone Quest.
Next release date: 18th February 2017.

*He was never in Acapulco.

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