7LandHand: Episode 69 – Dice City

Dice City SquareRolldovia Beethovan, today’s show is about the AEG and Artipia title, ‘Dice City.’ In a roll of events one could only describe as para-dice, Todd Rowland (Senior Brand manager for AEG) drops by to chat about all things Alderac. Jaime hosts Matt’s quiz and we announce last month’s winner of ‘MONSTROUS!’ We talk geek and all that, but did I mention…Todd Rowland’s on the show!!

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7LandHand Extra: Episode 68 – Shadows over Hurstville

Shadows over Hurstville SquareThis week the pod drops out of near Earth orbit and lands 3,919km off target in Hurstville, New South Wales. Conveniently, there is a Good Games store there and Jaime Lawrence, Kim Brebach and Luke Lancaster were all present to talk geek, Conflux Busta-Booster and turning their respective families into Magic opponents.

There’s a shadow over Hurstville, and it sounds exactly like this episode.


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