7Landhand: Episode 67 – Monstrous

Monstrous SquareZeus is cross and he’s asking you to hurl hydras into the populace. The job pays well, but the hours are in ancient Greece. Today, we’re covering the Secret Base Games release: MONSTROUS! Matt does a similarly themed quiz, Neets and Twooze announces last month’s winner of 7 Wonders Duel and we keep up to date with everything pop-culture geek.

This episode also features an interview with Kim Brebach (Designer of Monstrous) recorded in the Good Games Hurstville store on the 17th April 2016. Guest interviewer: Luke Lancaster.

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7LandHand Extra: Episode 66 – Lost in Delirium SOI

Arlinn Kord SquareA tired cast of pod people, in a warped state of delirium get lost in pop-culture, geek-news (Hyper-light drifter, Witcher, new release dates, Batman vs Superman, Khal Drogo becomes Aquaman, Walking Dead) and then return to bust-a-booster, have a chat about MTG banned list information, Flavour Text, Hot Garbage, MTG card quiz..etc…etc…delirium. Lost in Madness.

It’s a nerdjam with vowel heavy: Aaron and Kai.


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