7LandHand: Episode 65 – 7 Wonders Duel

7Wonders_Duel_SquareBruno Cathala joins the 7LandHand team to talk about how he became the prolific games designer that we know today. He gives us an ‘Abyss’ news scoop, yes – a 7LandHand SCOOP – he previews the games he has coming out this year and provides young designers with an a,b,c of how to get your game up to scratch.

We review ‘7 Wonders Duel’, announce last month’s winner of ‘Blood Bowl: Team Manager’, talk geek, play Matt’s quiz, and give you the chance to WIN Antoine Bauza & Bruno Cathala’s ‘7 Wonders Duel.’

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7LandHand Extra: Episode 64 – Shadow Over Innistrad

Shadows_SquareA classic portrayal of Magic the Gathering based banter. That is exactly what is enclosed. However, everytime we suspect it’s a quality show…we usually receive complaints. Form an orderly queue right after listening to Shadow over Innistrad spoilers, MTG card quiz, Flavour Text, Hot Garbage and a little bit of ‘Aaron Graham’s…premonitions’.

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