7LandHand Extra: Episode 50 – Battle for Zendikar

BFZ 2 SquareYou’ve only just cracked your BFZ pre-release packs and here we are with some 7LH pro-tips. Rob and Lyle analyse cards from the new Battle for Zendikar set. It’s a crazy post-Theros-World of bombs and dark-horses.

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Next Episode: 7LandHand: Imperial Assault.
Next release date: 12th October 2015.

7LandHand: Episode 49 – Arcadia Quest

Arcadia Quest SquareLong promised and now gleefully delivered, it’s Arcadia Quest! The PvPvE, dungeon crawling, Fisher-price-RPG for the gamer who wants to own more minis than an Italian Job remake. David, Matt and Justin sit around Reilly’s empty chair and chat about what could be their favourite board game for the year. Also, Matt does a not-too-ridiculous-quiz.



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Next Episode: 7LandHand Extra: Battle for Zendikar.
Next release date: 28th September 2015.