7LandHand Extra: Episode 24 – The Pre-Post-Modern-Art-Deco-Podcast

Insomnia SquareThe boys are back in town…apologies, we’ll get Maddison back as soon as we can!  Marshall from Limited Resources kicks us off before we bust-a-booster, talk modern, Flava-Text, MTG Card Quiz and of course, your neets and twoos.



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Next release date: 10th November 2014.

7LandHand: Episode 23 – The Gamer Girl Diaries

GGDiary- SquareDoes this sound all grown-up and mature?  Join our finely groomed, appropriately cologned host as 7LandHand take on a perfectly normal day in the pod.  Nothing is different and everyone is equal and normal…it’s all very normally normal.

Also: Aaron isn’t here and a girl got into the pod Eeeek!


Show Notes:
1) So that you don’t confuse our good friend Maddison with anyone else on the internet, here’s some identification:

Grumpy Cat vs Maddison

Follow Maddison:
Twitter: @lnVenatrix  (yes, that’s a lower case L at the beginning of her Twitter address.)

2) On today’s show, we talk about this:


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Next release date: 27th October 2014.