7LandHand Extra: Episode 22 – Sarkhan This!

Sarkhan_this_squareKhans is Snahk backwards…and we all know what that means.  7LandHand has the breakdown on how to play this new MTG card set when drafting.  Plus a quick tip guide to applying these strategies in sealed format, Flavour Text and a beaverlicious MTG card quiz.


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Next release date: 13th October 2014.

7LandHand Extra: Episode 20 – Khans of Tarkir Spoilers

Khans of Tarkir SquareWe’ve all heard of the Wrath of Kahn, but what about his family in Tarkir?  Well we know he’ll be wrathing if he doesn’t get an ice-cream as we join our out-in-the-desert, ice cream in-laws to play a bit of Jock vs Nerd.  Find out what all this nonsense means in this week’s 7LandHand.



Next Episode: 7LandHand: 7Wonders.
Next release date: 15th September 2014.