7LandHand: Episode 17 – Small World

Small World SquareHey, you’re here! …and I’m here!!  ….it’s such a Small World isn’t it.  So much so, that there’s a board game here with us as well.  To find out who can floss with victory counters, and with news on an exciting new competition, it’s 7LandHand Small World.



Next Episode: 7LandHand Extra.
Next release date: 4th August 2014.

7LandHand Extra: Episode 16 – M15 Spoilers

Garruk SquareIt’s the fifteenth M. M15 is coming and in this episode we rummage through the spoilt cards for the valuable bombs, the potent removal and the unavoidable D’s. We play flavour text, MTG card quiz and read your posts.



Guest 7Lander: Keayn de Vries-Turnell.

Next Episode: 7LandHand: Smallworld.
Next release date: 21st July 2014.