7LandHand: Episode 11 – Dominion & JOU Pre-Release

dominion_squareIt’s not a CCG, LCG, CG or even a boardgame…it’s Dominion! These are all things that it’s not, for things that it is, tune in to this episode. We also reflect on the Journey Into Nyx pre-release weekend with R&D MTG card guru, Travis.


Guest 7Landers: Tom Hutchinson & Travis.

Next Episode: 7LandHand Extra: Journey Into Nyx week One.
Next release date: 12th May 2014

7LandHand Extra: Episode 10 – Board State and Tempo Play

Sigiled Starfish SquareThis week, we’re discussing Board State and Tempo Plays; what these terms mean and when to consider them in deck building and MTG play.

We also play flavour text, MTG Card Quiz, review JOU spoilers, talk Super Series and welcome the new site with the same name: 7LandHand.com.

Guest 7Lander: David Putz.

Next Episode: 7LandHand: Dominion.
Next release date: 28th April 2014.