7LandHand Extra: Episode 4 – BNG Spoilers

Eater of hope SquareLike a spotty teenager in the bathroom, we try to cover as many spoilers as we can and ponder why they appeared in the first place.  We also play flavour text, give an intro to drafting, test Aaron’s infinite knowledge in the MTG Card Quiz, Travis pops in with a new card and a listener (is it you?) wins something.

Guest 7Landers: Nathan Curnow & Travis.

Next Episode: 7LandHand: Traitors.
Next release date: 3rd February 2014.

7LandHand: Episode 3 – Space


Space, it’s big, cold and black like a mammoth in ninja clothing.  With a near infinite amount of real estate however, there’s loads of room for board games.

In today’s episode, we orbit near titles like Galaxy Trucker, Star Wars X-Wing, Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space, and Space Alert.

Aaron does a Space Top Ten, while we discover what Captain Picard really used his replicator for.

Guest 7Lander: Matt Mckail

Next Episode: 7LandHand Extra: Magic.  Spoilers and an intro to drafting.
Next release date: 20th January 2014.