7LandHand: Episode 0 – The Pilot

7landhand podcast logoIt’s here…but not properly, yet.
It’s the pilot.

Guest 7Lander: Travis

Today’s episode is all about making sure things work. Everything from the mics to getting the bloody thing on iTunes.
They say not to publish the pilot. It’s something that should be done, but remain private; like that vomit wot you done at the high school party…the one where your crush was in the other room and despite being drunk, you were still hoping to impress her.

Well we’re vomitting in public because we thought it would be funny…yeah, no class at all.
Have I taken the vomit analogy far enough?

…beyond that point, hey.

Next Episode: Zombies.
Next release date: 7th December, and then on a monthly basis.