Where’s episode #60?

Noah_Link_SquareHello 7LandHand listeners,
We were planning on filling this spot with an interview we did with Irish game designers Jason and Adam McCarthy. Great chat – funny stuff. When we recorded the podcast, their game, ‘Rebirth‘ was a current Kickstarter. Since that time, things have expanded for the boys and they have joined with a game developer and formed ‘Pale Blue Studios‘. We plan to get together again later in 2016 and get the full-story of how their game has grown from an idea, to a Kickstarter, to being picked up by a game developer…and whatever happens next…

Our 7LH MTG guys will be back next with episode #60 just after the Oath of the Gatewatch pre-release weekend.

…and not to give too much away, but we’ve just had exciting news from a gaming world A-Lister. Stay tuned…

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Next Episode: 7LandHand Extra: Post-Pre-Release Oath.
Next release date: 25th January 2016.